Friday, June 29, 2012

You ugly.

So I'm just about finished with my tracks. They're all mixed, I'm just gonna listen to them for another day or two before I hit that "render" button.

My Dennis Nedry track turned out to be a sort of Morricone-style cowboy theme. I have no idea why. I suppose Dennis is the kind of guy who'd see himself as a badass hero/outlaw. It's a nice little galop with some church bells for good measure.

My Toodles track is a 17-second rag piece. I feel a little bad for whoever gets this one, because I'm kind of forcing a melody on them - maybe there's a way around that, I don't know! But I found myself making up my own lyrics to it immediately, so I think it'll work out somehow. I love ragtime, and since Toodles is a very old man, I thought that might be the kind of music he would have listened to as a kid.

For my third track (Reese's Pieces), I tried to do something not necessarily experimental, but...unexpected maybe? I thought about what style of music I could do that nobody else would. And I have no idea where this idea came from, but I thought about those jump rope/hopscotch/double dutch songs little girls sing on the playground. I honestly can't remember any of the ones I heard for double dutch, but hopefully everyone knows what I mean. Closest one I can think of is "U-G-L-Y, you ain't got no alibi, you ugly! Yeah, yeah, you ugly!"

So anyways, I decided to do that. Don't have a jump rope, and I can't imagine they're very loud, so I went outside and got a stick and whipped it in front of the microphone. Also added some clapping and some bucket drumming. It took everything in my power not to add more instruments, but I thought even the bucket might have been overdoing it. I wanted to keep that "playground" vibe and make it as basic as possible. Absolutely no melodic instruments. I suppose that's an IML first?

Good luck to whoever gets that one. Hopefully it's not too out there. I thought the name "Reese's Pieces" already kind of lends itself to a kids rhyme.

Here is the entire ensemble:

So anyways, I think mine will be a fun challenge for whoever gets them. Will upload the WAVs by the end of the weekend, probably!


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  1. Dan - all three pieces are excellent and so diverse! Nice work, man! Anyone who gets one to sing on will be lucky!