Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hold on to your butts.

Just wanted to pop on here and claim my subjects! I'm going to do 3 tracks. I'm thinking:

1) Reese's Pieces. E.T.'s love for them? Their significance in the history of product placement? Vocalist decides, I guess.
2) Toodles, from HookEarly in the movie, he explains he's lost his marbles. Then this happens: One of only a few movie scenes that make me cry. So happy!
3) Dennis Nedry. Enough said.

That's all, can't wait to hear everyone else's!

P.S. Like Steve up there ^^^, I have also never had a cup of coffee. 


  1. Were they Reeses Pieces? I always assumed they were M&Ms, but then, we don't have Reeses in England.

    How did I know you'd select 'Hook', Dan??? Actually - we went to a Pirate themed mini-golf place yesterday and I thought of you. There was an album of Pirate Songs playing and everyone was being driven mad except me - I thought to myself, Dan would dig this shit!

    As for Dennis Nedry - nice choice - possibly one of my favourite characters of all time.

  2. They're Reese's! M&Ms turned Spielberg down.

    And yeah, I hate to be the "pirate guy," but I can't help it!

  3. I've never seen Hook? Is that wrong? We sat down to watch 1941 tonight as Layla had never seen it, thankfully we switched it off after about 20 minutes. I liked it as a young teenager but now, sheesh? I guess most great directors only get one or two chances at making films that bad.

  4. I love Hook, and assumed everyone else did too, but I just checked Rotten Tomatoes and it appears I'm in the minority! Apparently Spielberg himself doesn't like it. Guess it's just one of those movies...I was 4 when it came out, and it was good enough for me then!

    And my roommate was just telling me about 1941, saying it was surprisingly good and that I should watch it...we'll see about that.

  5. Dan, its just you and Dawson out of Dawson's Creek! Mike's writing about him. I get the impression that among Spielberg superfans, Hook is a cool film to like! Despite never enjoying it, I've watched it numerous times!