Monday, August 13, 2012

Mola + Godlights

I finished my tracks! I got to work with two great pieces -- those of Barney and Tim.

For the Godlights track, I immediately recognized the opportunity to do a big choir, which I always love doing but haven't done in a while. I believe I ended up with 28 vocal tracks, singing 7 or 8 separate lines. The chords were so simple I thought I should have an almost haiku-like lyric. Here's what I came up with, a minute or two after hearing the song.

Light of God
Light of Steve
Either way
I believe in you.

I think it's sort of cryptic yet positive. I like it.

Mola Ram was a TON of fun and it's really crazy. Usually I try to avoid following the rhythm of the instruments for IML tracks, as I think most people consider their backing tracks "accompaniments" and not really a main melody. But I really couldn't resist with this one, as the first few lyrics just came right away. It's all really fast, and I tried to give it a Mr. Bungle vibe where there's no dead space in between lines. Unfortunately the lyrics aren't very understandable if you don't read them first, but I think that's fine. Turned into a sort of progressive hardcore punk song. Really happy with that one.

Anyways, I guess my work is done -- can't wait to hear the rest, I think this album will be deliciously weird!

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