Thursday, August 23, 2012

What, no menthol?

For some reason, Dan Waldkirch channeled Ennio-Morricone-western-style music for his backing track about the amazing Dennis Nedry from Spielberg's Jurassic Park which was actually a great if unexpected choice for that character! When I started writing and singing my vocals, I found myself randomly affecting an Antonio Banderas voice - this made me laugh, so I ramped up the accent. After a few days I listened to the mix and realized that the lyrics are totally unintelligible, and sound like I'm singing in Portuguese! That made me laugh even more, so I left it! Its fun to try and decipher what I'm saying - you'll never guess it!
Jim's backing track for Gremlins was more challenging - at first the track reminded me of 'Screamadelica'-era Primal Scream, and so I thought about doing a fey Bobby Gilliespie impression, but when I started writing, I found that I needed to sing over the lush female backing vocals in the track and ended up with a sort of kinky Disco-funk approach and stupid lyrics. Re-watching Gremlins wasn't much fun though, and gave me almost no inspiration apart from the title/chorus 'Bright lights, bright lights' which is what Gizmo says when he's accidentally exposed! I did discover, however, that Gremlins is a Christmas movie!
I also had a trip down memory lane writing lyrics with Kelly for Mike Webber's lovely backing track about Dawson Leary (from 'Dawson's Creek') whose personal philosophy is closely linked to Spielberg's catalog of movies. A brush-up on Wikipedia reminded me of the key story-lines, which I had managed to conglomerate with 'The O.C' and a few other teen-dramas!

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